4 thoughts on “What else is there to write about?

  1. Dear Jenny
    So enjoyed your piece about knitting, but I was hooked by your description of a set of plaster of paris Snow White and the seven dwarves, which I too coveted and received one Christmas as a child. I totally agree that you would never want to knit with anything that isn’t merino, alpaca or silk, or a mixture thereof, I’m glad you found your niche in lace shawls, something I don’t tackle as the yarn is too fine for my eyesight:-)

  2. I am always interested in people’s experience of coping with being left handed, as the condition sometimes reduces me to rage. I can never get decent left handed scissors and other frustrations are too many to mention.However, I’ve never had trouble with knitting or crochet. It seems to me that they are activities which, like eating with a knife and fork, require both hands to be used equally. Chopsticks now, or a soupspoon, that’s different.

    As for sewing machines, i have always believed, on what authority I no longer remember, that Mr Singer, who invented the sewing machine, was himself left handed and and developed the machines to suit himself. All machines follow Mr Singer, and thus all sewing machines are left handed. Think how much harder it would be if the needle and bobbin and so on were on the other side.

    Betty Gabriel-Jones

    • There’s a shop, also online for left handers. Anything Left Handed. Great for scissors and all sorts. Herehttp://www.anythinglefthanded.co.uk/acatalog/index.html?gclid=CPSw6OvFhb0CFQoYwwod4h8Avg

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