Noah and Sons

Here’s my take, with the help of a bunch of medieval rabbis, on the biblical Noah. Read it before, after or during your viewing of the movie


3 thoughts on “Noah and Sons

  1. Hi Jenny. Aside from making fun of a book that means nothing to you beyond its literary content, I would ask why you think the Bible has been preserved in such an incredible way, when texts of say the Babylonians or Assyrians exist only as crumbling tablets in the British Museum? Why has this book touched so many lives and continues to be the world’s best seller?

    How can someone’s life be so radically changed by this book that they go from bombing Tokyo to preaching the gospel around Japan with the pilot who led the attack on Pearl Harbour? Could it be because there is a truth and power to the book that speaks of a higher inspiration? Could it be because our DNA represents the code of an encoder, who can make out of the dust what the most brilliant scientists cannot make out of modern technology?

    I would warn you not to fall into the category of a scoffer, as described in 2 Peter 3, who are willingly ignorant of creation, the flood and coming judgement because of their of own desire to sin and live in rebellion to God.

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