A Diagnosis

A Diagnosis. The first instalment of a memoir by me to be published in parts in the LRB. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v36/n17/jenny-diski/a-diagnosis


4 thoughts on “A Diagnosis

  1. I look forward reading more of your memoir, Jenny. I have just called attention to it on my own blog http://www.facebook.com/diagnosisincontemporarysociety . Feel free to visit and comment on your work/motivation/diagnosis… We are close to launching a recommend-reading in diagnosis page, and will certainly review your work. The power of diagnosis to transform one’s life is something that we often fail to recognise until we are ourselves diagnosed. And, at the same time, that transformative power also gives rise, as it has in your case, to beautiful creative work. Be well. kia kaha.

  2. There’s an awfully nice photo of you being published everywhere the piece is mentioned—and you’ve caused quite a stir. Which is wonderful, and yet I sit here nodding in such agreement or my deep interest in everything you write …always have. Perhaps matter of fact courage is startling. But I expect you’re used to that —and hope are feeling well, or well enough.

  3. Dear Intelligent Jenny…. Writing to you from Palo Alto, California… I hope you will watch this interesting video from the Markey Cancer Center (link1)… it describes a healing art from Japan, we have used it at Stanford Hospital with great success (link2)… there’s a large self help component… The following links may be helpful…

    link1: Jin Shin Jyutsu Healing Art

    link 2: http://www.21stcenturymed.org
    on this page are scientific things, but also some helpful instruction… uh, this is
    me and family ….

    link3: http://www.flowsforlife.com/
    an index for some very useful jin shin jyutsu moves for everything…

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