1963 A newcomer to table-talk

1963 The first few months…The next instalment of my memoir/diary about Doris Lessing and my cancer is online in the new LRB. http://www.lrb.co.uk/v37/n01/jenny-diski/doris-and-me


One thought on “1963 A newcomer to table-talk

  1. Dear Jenny Diski,
    Thank you for having written this, which I have just read with passionate interest in the latest LRB. Some time ago I also read the piece you wrote for DL’s memorial last year, and liked it very much. My maternal grandmother came from Somers Town and until very recently my cousin lived right round the corner from where you and DL lived, although I have never located and visited the actual house. I think of you as a girl of 15 and your and Doris Lessing’s relationship, especially given her own troubled relationships with herself as a mother and as a daughter. The intensity of her reaction to you (as well as her impulse in reaching out to you in the first place) must surely have been bound up in her intense and unresolved feelings about those relationships. You must have reminded her uncomfortably of her own younger self; that certainly is what comes through for me in reading Memoirs of a Survivor, as also does the older woman’s growing admiration and respect for the younger woman, after she manages to get past her initial reactions.
    You are my favorite writer in the LRB, and I am so very sorry to hear of your cancer. I wish you good health and strength in 2015, and just want you to know that I am a fan.
    Josna Rege

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