Christmas wishes and thanks.

Thank you for reading the blog, and other stuff of mine. Have a lovely Christmas and holiday. And a good New Year.


5 thoughts on “Christmas wishes and thanks.

  1. Fascinated by your autobiographical essays in the LRB. Glad to have discovered you, albeit so late. Sorry about your diagnosis, though the essays it has inspired you to write are first-rate.

  2. jenny, ten fuerza. queremos leerte.haces de este mundo un lugar mas interesante.
    que le den pol culo al cancer a las ratas y a todos los cabrones ke de este mundo han sido.
    te abrazo con cuidado, que eres british y a lo mejor no te gusta
    te quiero

  3. Thank you for your Christmas and New Year good wishes to your readers. I send my kind regards and best wishes to you too and look forward to reading all your dispatches online and in LRB in 2015.

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