When Paranoia Makes a lot of sense

Sometimes you feel that you’ve won a deadly battle against the forces. I mean The Flrces. may it leave you alone.  In Hospital s week ago or so with pneumonia The longer you stay the longer you become part of the system. meals at a certain time, pills all at the same time, lights out at the sane time. Everything to the convenience of the staff. Somehow like wooden dolls whose clothes you change every day.

Hospital is like that. All for the e=people running it, not mjuch for the benefit of the pstrient. I needed four injections a day of antibiotics a day, and it turned ut txt these could be given at home through a pic line ulender my skin to my heart by traded nurses. /saving time a hospital bed and the nurses expertise needed by others, Ffnally after having looked into t,discovered that this was a possibility. `i had the line inserted, gave my bed to someone who, `i hope needed it more and got the hell away frommthe institution. `happiness all around apart from the nurse who threatened to have me sectioned so they  could give mr say treat me any way they wanted, or thought best. meaning the cod practice whatever daft art they fancied on my body

I was polite but firm (after explaining to her that I wasm’t s cucumbet. “it worked like a spell. Say cucumber at the in a steady, sane tone of voice, snd they couldn’t wait to get rid of me. We parted company in the best of humours and I am having the treatment I needed without taking uo twice the space. Simple if you keep your calm.




















3 thoughts on “When Paranoia Makes a lot of sense

  1. An American (but British dad) aged-one who has read your LRB writings for a few years writes to say that she ALWAYS looks to see if you are featured in the new issue. And I feel such a connection to you. Because of the way you write. The world around disappears as I read you.
    Thank you. Hats off, if I were wearing one.
    Joan in Cambridge, Massachusetts

  2. Brilliantly apposite – freeing up a bed and fighting your corner against institutional mindsets. Hope you are more comfy now at home. Every hospital patient needs a Jenny. Rosie Brocklehurst

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