.Staying free – so far,

The smell of freedom is so strong that it’s like on of those classic perfumes. It liners with a real sense of how it was. The nurse stood with with her back to the drugs trolley as if  I were going to run away with them all, ‘I won’t let you go.’ You mean you’d section me?’ Yes, she said far too firms. You can’t section me, I;ve don’t nothing wrong but say that I want to go home. Not since 1968 have I been threatened with the lock up. `i got quite scared just with the threat of incarceration.. ‘You can’t section me, you need two doctors agreeing I am a danger to myself or other people. U;m neither. I want to go home, where I have a house, a husband and  work to be done.. No-one has played that hand on me for decades, but the shiver of fear ran down my spine nonetheless.. Being locked up with no one on your side is very frightening. But keep your cool, get your ducks in a row and show them you know as much as they do about the process of locking someone up, with the appropriate calmness, and it’ll get you out of all sorts of nonsense, It took a nurse twenty minutes ti out a line from a vein  in my arm to my heart so that a support team of nurses can come and infuse you with antibiotics and you remain your own woman. Try it,it. Freedom, up to a point, still works,

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