I’ve had 16 or 17 books (novels, travel books, non-fiction and memoirs) published and a good many reviews and essays for the London Review of Books, Guardian, Harper’s Magazine, New Yorker, Corridor8, the New Statesman and others. My website is here. The British Council page with a proper(ish) bibliography is here. My Twitter feed is @diski. Thank you.


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  1. Shyly saying ‘Hi’ to you from the saddle of my yellow bicycle. My muse, musician, failed writer and for a while ‘ boyfriend’ introduced me to your book Stranger on a train back when I was diagnosed with cancer. (He has disappeared over the horizon to god knows where now that I am ‘better’) I will follow your blog (delighted that one other person also refuses to ‘battle’ etc etc etc cancer 🙂 but also because I like your writing. glad to have found your blog 🙂

  2. My name is Robert Burnie and I represent an Author/Forensic Psychologist named Dr. John Brady. (www.johncbrady.com)

    He has dissected the phenomenon of Why Rich Women Shoplift and wrote a book on his findings called “Why Rich Women Shoplift – When They Have It All” available through Amazon.com

    I would like to inform you that he has been doing multiple interviews on the topic and discussions are under way about a reality TV show. He’s very strong on how women are the victims here, being prescribed drugs instead of finding the solutions

    I’d like to offer Dr Brady as an interview to further enhance and support your article.

    His analysis is remarkable as he lists 16 different types of shoplifters and gives incredibly entertaining insights into 4 cases he went through in his practice in California. Very strange cases with very strange reasons behind them shoplifting.

    It’s like watching a UFO, you can’t believe what your reading and seeing.

    I look forward to your response

  3. Pleasure to meet you. :0) It was a total head trip and like a trip through a time machine seeing your photo at the top (I recognized it was film rather than digital right away) and then seeing your updated photo on the right. It was a Twilight Zone moment and had the effect of making me feel as though I had traveled 40 years- into the future- in only seconds. Never had that happen before at anyone’s blog. Brilliant. :0)

  4. Wow….Congrats on all your literary work! I hope I get there at some point. So far at 51 I’m still a One Book Published Wonder. LOL
    And that’s because I wrote what I know, addiction and recovery after my own life memoir. I’m a new fan by way of “Freshly Pressed” and enjoying your posts.
    *Catherine Townsend-Lyon* 🙂

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